Stories of Cancer

Biking Through Lung Cancer

During his treatment for lung cancer, Steve Malcolm discovered a new hobby – bicycling. Steve talks about how biking and staying active helped him make it through his journey with lung cancer.

How I Fought Back Against Breast Cancer

When Mindy was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to look at it as a battle. A battle that she wouldn’t back down from and a fight that she was going to take on with both fists. Mindy shares her story of going through breast cancer, and how her fighter mentality helped her get through her journey.

My Journey Through Pancreatic Cancer – A Survivor Story

When Bob Etzel was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, he was told that this cancer would kill him. Even with that diagnosis, Bob remained steadfast to the belief that he could get through it. And he did. Through chemo treatments, radiation and surgery, Bob stayed positive and found a way to beat the odds.