Welcome to
the Lighter Side of Cancer

Welcome to the Lighter Side of Cancer

Dr. Stephen Lemon started a Lighter Side of Cancer to highlight the strength cancer survivors exhibit every day as they take on their journey with cancer. Along this journey, a little levity often goes a long way to help provide support.

Dr. Stephen Lemon is a medical oncologist at the Overlake Cancer Center in Bellevue, WA.

Recent Videos

One Family Fighting Two Cancers

Within one year of each other, Pam and Steve were both diagnosed with cancer. In the midst of raising 3 children, they share how they, along with their family, managed to get through it all together.

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Faith Proves Stronger Than Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivor Faith talks about her how she’s gone through breast cancer, ovarian and cervical cancer. She is living proof that Faith is truly stronger than cancer.

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Getting Through Breast Cancer With A Little Help From My Friends

Following a HER2-positive breast cancer diagnosis, Christine relied on the friends and family, as well as a lot of humor, to get through her cancer journey.

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