What You Can Expect During Your First Visit with Oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon

As an oncologist, Dr. Stephen Lemon has a deep understanding of the challenges and fears that a cancer diagnosis has on patients and their families. He is also familiar with the roller coaster ride the cancer journey can be for many patients. One of his main priorities as a oncologist is to provide support and guidance to his patients so they can get through cancer treatment as comfortably as possible.

Typically Doctor Lemon meets his patients at the start of their cancer journey. The anticipation of that first appointment for most patients is often an uncertain experience that causes anxiety and distress. Learning about what to expect at the first appointment with Dr. Lemon, at the Fred Hutch at Overlake Cancer Center, can put patients and their families at ease.

Dr. Lemon talks about what his patients can expect during their the first meeting with him.

In a first consultation with Dr. Lemon, here are some things to expect:

Doctor Lemon welcomes all questions

Doctor Lemon welcomes all questions. One of the biggest questions, including one that many new patients ask: “How will treatment effect my daily life?”.

Cancer treatment is often physically and emotionally exhausting . Thankfully, there are many resources that offer support through the process. Nutrition guidance, physical therapy, social work and genetic counseling are just some of the resources available that Dr. Lemon will discuss on a first visit.

He also encourages first time patients to bring family and friends with them to the first appointment. He believes that surviving cancer takes a team and there is great benefit in having loved ones around to provide, encouragement, support, and another set of ears!