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Overlake Cancer Center Safety

Keeping Everyone Safe at the Overlake Cancer Center

Here’s a fun video to highlight safety best practices for patients & oncology staff at the Overlake Cancer Center in Bellevue. With medical oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon + #TeamOverlake About the Safety Video And the winner is…the Overlake Medical Center & Clinics Cancer team, who took the #Oscar for the #Overlake safety video competition, which …

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Will Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment Work For Me?

While immunotherapy is a relatively new cancer treatment that uses the immune system to fight the cancer, this treatment works better on certain forms of cancer. Using immunotherapy as a cancer treatment will depend on the type of cancer you have, as well as if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. In this video, oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon discusses what types of cancers immunotherapy may treat, including some of the more common types of immunotherapy drugs, such as Yervoy, Opdivo, Keytruda, and Tecentriq.

What Is Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment And How Does It Work?

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses the patient’s immune system to treat their cancer. By producing proteins, cancer can sometimes avoid detection by the immune system. Because the immune system can’t detect the cancer, it can’t fight it, so that how the immunotherapy treatment helps. It can help boost or restore the immune system, so that it is better able to detect and destroy the cancer. In this video, oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon explains how immunotherapy works, as well as what types of side effects patients may experience.

What Patients Want To Know About Cancer – Stephen Lemon MD Lecture

What do patients want to know about cancer? Whether it’s a new cancer treatment, such as immunotherapy, the possibility of hair loss during chemotherapy, or the unexpected experience of going through chemo, Oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon shares information, with a little levity, on some common topics. This lecture took place at Bellevue College.

Immunotherapy For Cancer Treatment

This video describes a newer form of cancer treatment called immunotherapy that seeks to boost the patient’s immune system to fight back against the cancer. Currently, there are various forms of immunotherapy cancer drugs that are FDA approved for the treatment of different types of advanced cancers like melanoma, lung and ovarian cancer.

About Clinical Trials For Cancer

More and more clinical trials are leading the way for the research and FDA approval of newer types of cancer treatments. In this video, oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon explains what clinical trials for cancer may involve, as well as how cancer patients can better determine whether a new study might be a good fit for them.

How Breast Cancer Affects Men

Breast cancer is thought of typically as a disease that only affects women. Unfortunately, this type of cancer may also affect men too. In fact, roughly 2,470 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. In this video, cancer survivor Rick Gough talks about his experience of being diagnosed and then going through treatment for breast cancer.